Collective Commentary about the New Package Travel Directive

Transposition of the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Directive 2015 into UK Law Sarah Prager 1 Introduction; The Timeline; The 2017 Consultation; The Package Travel and Linked Package Arrangements Regulations 2018 (Statutory Instrument 634/1028); Conclusion. INTRODUCTION The transposition of the New Package Travel Directive into UK law has not been without its challenges, not least because although the UK is a Member State of the EU it comprises three entirely separate legal systems: England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. As with all EU legislation, then, the new Directive had to be transposed into not one but three jurisdictions. This in itself was nothing, however, as compared to the fact that, at the same time the UK was considering how to transpose the Directive, it held a referendum as a result of which it was determined that it would leave the EU altogether. The resulting uncertainties are still being felt and, it is ventured, will continue to be felt in the UK for some considerable time to come. THE TIMELINE It will be recalled that although the New Package Travel Directive was adopted by the EU on 25 November 2015, Member States had until 1 January 2018 to transpose it intonational lawanduntil 1 July 2018 to bring it into force domestically. But no sooner had the Directive been finalised than, on 20 February 2016, the 1 Barrister, 1 Chancery Lane,