Collective Commentary about the New Package Travel Directive

COUNCIL DIRECTIVE of 13 June 1990 on package travel, package holidays and package tours (90/314/EEC) THE COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES, Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, and in particular Article 100a thereof, Having regard to the proposal from the Commission (1) , In cooperation with the European Parliament (2) , Having regard to the opinion of the Economic and Social Committee (3) , (1) Whereas one of the main objectives of the Community is to complete the internal market, of which the tourist sector is an essential part; (2) Whereas the national laws of Member States concerning package travel, package holidays and package tours, hereinafter referred to as ‘packages’, show many disparities and national practices in this field are markedly different, which gives rise to obstacles to the freedom to provide services in respect of packages and distortions of competition amongst operators established in different Member States; (3) Whereas the establishment of common rules on packages will contribute to the elimination of these obstacles and thereby to the achievement of a common market in services, thus enabling operators established in one Member State to offer their services in other Member States and Community consumers to benefit from comparable conditions when buying a package in any Member State; (4) Whereas paragraph 36 (b) of the Annex to the Council resolution of 19 May 1981 on a second programme of the European Economic Community for a consumer (1) OJ No C 96, 12. 4. 1988, p. 5. (2) OJ No C 69, 20. 3. 1989, p. 102 and OJ No C 149, 18. 6. 1990. (3) OJ No C 102, 24. 4. 1989, p. 27. Appendix 2