Collective Commentary about the New Package Travel Directive

chapter ii INFORMATION OBLIGATIONS AND CONTENT OF THE PACKAGE TRAVEL CONTRACT Article 5 Pre-contractual information 1. Member States shall ensure that, before the traveller is bound by any package travel contract or any corresponding offer, the organiser and, where the package is sold through a retailer, also the retailer shall provide the traveller with the standard information by means of the relevant form as set out in Part A or Part B of Annex I, and, where applicable to the package, with the following information: (a) the main characteristics of the travel services: (i) the travel destination(s), itinerary and periods of stay, with dates and, where accommodation is included, the number of nights included; (ii) the means, characteristics and categories of transport, the points, dates and time of departure and return, the duration and places of intermediate stops and transport connections. Where the exact time is not yet determined, the organiser and, where applicable, the retailer shall inform the traveller of the approximate time of departure and return; (iii) the location, main features and, where applicable, tourist category of the accommodation under the rules of the country of destination;