Collective Commentary about the New Package Travel Directive

Article 7 Content of the package travel contract and documents to be supplied before the start of the package 1. Member States shall ensure that package travel contracts are in plain and intelligible language and, in so far as they are in writing, legible. At the conclusion of the package travel contract or without undue delay thereafter, the organiser or retailer shall provide the traveller with a copy or confirmation of the contract on a durable medium. The traveller shall be entitled to request a paper copy if the package travel contract has been concluded in the simultaneous physical presence of the parties. With respect to off-premises contracts as defined in point 8 of Article 2 of Directive 2011/83/EU, a copy or confirmation of the package travel contract shall be provided to the traveller on paper or, if the traveller agrees, on another durable medium. 2. The package travel contract or confirmation of the contract shall set out the full content of the agreement which shall include all the information referred to in points (a) to (h) of the first subparagraph of Article 5(1) and the following information: (a) special requirements of the traveller which the organiser has accepted; (b) information that the organiser is: (i) responsible for the proper performance of all travel services included in the contract in accordance with Article 13; and (ii) obliged to provide assistance if the traveller is in difficulty in accordance with Article 16; (c) the name of the entity in charge of the insolvency protection and its contact details, including its geographical address, and, where