Collective Commentary about the New Package Travel Directive

I n October 2016, it was held the first international conference that brought to Portugal, more precisely to Estoril and Lisbon, a group of renowned international specialists, following thereafter annual events, which brought together scholars and professionals in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Law field from Europe, America, Africa and Asia. In addition to the well-attended and bustling annual conferences, in 2017, we printed The New PackageTravel Directive, following, in 2018, Sustainable Tourism Law, which in 2019 was presented with its 2nd edition, joining 8 more specialists fromArgentina, Spain, Israel, Italy andUSA, and launch internationally at the iconic P3, Costa Rica, one of the major world events on sustainability. 2020 has been, for many reasons, an intense and unrepeatable year. However, we have a set of publications that are being released in a short space of time, two, more precisely, with approximately 3.000 pages. Moreover, we hosted three International Web Conferences (20, 22 and 24 April, 16 and 17 April and 19 and 20 October), bringing together more than 100 authors from around the globe. All of this will undoubtedly be a milestone and a significant breakthrough in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Law field, as well as a first of its kind in the Wine Law field. We are currently printing Collective Commentary about The New Package Travel Directive, bringing together 66 specialists from the 28 Member States, in an innovative loose leaf format, which allows not only updates but also contributions from other authors after its publication, in a spirit of inclusion and permanent openness to knowledge. Furthermore, the book’s online availability will significantly strengthen its outreach, not only in Europe but also other continents, since the New Package Travel Directive, similarly to the 1990 one, represents an advanced set of standards which, due to the high level of consumer protection, will constitute a benchmark for legislation in other continents. We honour the first-ever book on Tourism Law, Bortolo Bolotti’s Il Diritto del Turismo, whose centenary is celebrated fromNovember 2019 to November 2020.