Collective Commentary about the New Package Travel Directive

A s Vice Dean of the Law School of the University Paris I, Panthéon Sorbonne, it is an honour to co-present this book onDirective 2015/2302 / (EU), of November 25, Collective Commentary about The New Package Travel Directive, an exceptional edition in two volumes. It is a publication under the aegis of five universities from three of the most visited countries in the world (France in 1st, Spain in 2nd and Italy in 5th), having Portugal been awarded as the “Best tourist destination in the world” for the third consecutive year. This further legitimises, if possible, this initiative’s force. Tourism Law developed very gradually until it was recognised in recent years. France was the first country to have a Tourism Code, but this is not sufficient to consider Tourism Law autonomous. It is, however, a clear sign of the subject’s recognition. Let us remember that its appearance is due to several historical, economical, sociological or even geographical factors. The first laws of tourism date back to the beginning of the 20th century and correspond to the development of tourism in France. Its publications, nonetheless, have accelerated since the Law of April 14 2006, corresponding to the creation of the French Tourism Code. In July 2018, when the Directive came into force, we promoted an international conference under the patronage of the Secretary of State for Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, as well as having the Master in Droit du Tourisme, which counts with the participation of students from all over the world. Furthermore, the publication Fiscatour is highly appreciated by the sector’s professionals. From the first year, in 2016, I have been present in this reflection group which has produced such excellent results both in terms of major international conferences and especially in terms of publications. It is a pleasure for me to meet all the specialists in this sector, and as Francesco Morandi pointed out, it is a Tourism Law dream team; Carlos Torres has done excellent work, gathering them all. Laurence Jégouzo Vice Dean of the Sorbonne Law School