Collective Commentary about the New Package Travel Directive

Patricia Benavides Velasco 1 SUMMARY : This chapter analyses the content of article 19 of the Directive (EU) 2015/2302 on travel packages and linked travel arrangements, which conforms to the only article of Chapter VI of the regulation. The scope of this provision is the regulation of the obligation for those providing linked travel arrangements to provide enough security to cover the payments received from the travellers, in order to protect them from eventual situations of insolvency. Along with that, if the businessman is the one responsible for the transportation of the traveller, such guarantee must also cover repatriation costs 2 . Keywords: linked travel arrangements, dynamic packages, securities, insolvency. I. Introduction; II. Protection against insolvency of the traders or facilitators of linked travel arrangements; III. Information that the travellermust be offered; IV. Consequences of the breach of the regulations on protection in cases of insolvency and to provide information to the travellers; V. Bibliography. I. INTRODUCTION Among other issues, article 19 of the Directive 2015/2302 sets the obligation that businesses facilitating linked travel arrangements must protect travellers from insolvency situations. The European legislator has provided that the second subparagraph of article 17(1), Article 17(2) to (5) and Article 18 of the Directive shall apply mutatis mutandis in these cases 3 . 1 Commercial Law Senior Lecturer. University of Málaga, Spain. E-mail: . 2 This essay is made within the framework of the Research Projects “Modernización y competitividad del tejido empresarial andaluz tras la crisis. Marco societario y entorno digital. Conflicto y soluciones” (TEASOTIC), UMA18-FEDERJA-269. I.P. González Fernández. The author is a member of the Research Group Tourism, Land Planning and Environment (TOTMA) integrated within the University Institute ECOAQUA of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 3 For this reason, we forward the reader to the comments to articles 17 and 18 of this very book made by the same author.