Collective Commentary about the New Package Travel Directive

Article 29 Repeal Directive 90/314/EEC is repealed with effect from 1 July 2018. References to the repealed Directive shall be construed as references to this Directive and shall be read in accordance with the correlation table set out in Annex III. Belén Ferrer, Ph.D. 1 João Vidal, Ph.D. 2 1. The concept of repeal; 2. The effects of repealing a Directive; 3. The moment of repeal. 1. THE CONCEPT OF REPEAL The concept of repeal is non-contentious among law experts. It means the act of removing the legal force of a law. The repeal can be express or tacit. It will be express if the new rule expressly states the rule to be repealed. It will be tacit if the new rule says nothing about the rules to be repealed. In these cases, the interpreter should compare the new rule with the previous ones and try to ascertain which of the new rules are against the old rules in order to conclude which rules of law have been repealed. 1 Professor at University of Balearic Islands, Spain. 2 Professor at University of the Algarve, Portugal.