Collective Commentary about the New Package Travel Directive

Controversial Aspects of the Transposition of the New Package Travel Directive in Bulgaria Desislava Hineva, Ph.D. 1 1. Introduction; 2. The process of implementation of Directive 2015/2302 in Bulgaria; 3. Distinctive features of the implementation of Directive 2015/2302 in Bulgaria; 4. Assessment of the impact of the New Package Travel Directive in Bulgaria; 5. Conclusion. 1. INTRODUCTION The changing environment in which the tourism business operates has predetermined the need for update of tourism legislation, especially in the part related to the protection of consumer rights. The purpose of this commentary is to review the process of harmonization of the Bulgarian legal frame with the changes in the European tourism legislation, to highlight some controversial issues in its transposition and to outline some key areas that need further discussion and improvement. 2. THE PROCESS OF IMPLEMENTATION OF DIRECTIVE 2015/2302 IN BULGARIA Law on Tourism in Bulgaria is the main regulation defining the rights of Bulgarian travellers, with special attention being paid to consumers of travel packages. The current Law on Tourism came into force in 2013 and its last amendment has been made in 2018. As a consequence of the international commitments taken by Bulgaria, Law on Tourism is consistent with the relevant European legislation, namely the Package Travel Directive (EU) 2015/2302 on package travel and linked travel arrangements. 1 .