Collective Commentary about the New Package Travel Directive

The Implementation of the New Package Travel Directive in Croatia: Integration of the Package Travel Contract in Tourism Law Tatjana Josipović 1 1. Introduction; 2. Method of implementation of the New Package Travel Directive; 3. Legal regulation of the package travel contract in Croatian law; 3.1. General points; 3.2. Information obligations and mandatory content of the package travel contract; 3.3. Changes to the package travel contract; 3.4. Termination of the package travel contract before the start of the package; 3.5.The right of withdrawal; 3.6. Responsibility for the performance of the package and liability insurance; 3.7. Insolvency protection; 4. Assessment of the correctness of implementation; 5. Conclusion. 1. INTRODUCTION In the Republic of Croatia, tourism is the most important branch of economy and the most important factor of its economic development. In Croatia’s total GDP, this sector’s share increases every year. Foreign currency income from tourist activities is also on a continuous rise 2 . In 2017, the ratio of travel receipts to GDP was, among the EU Member States, the highest in Croatia (19.3%) 3 . Every year, Croatia becomes a more and more attractive destination for tourists from both the European Union and many other places across the globe, and in particular from Asia. In 2018, Croatia, after Malta and Cypress, was ranking third among the EU Member States by the number of nights spent in tourist 1 Faculty of Law University of Zagreb, Croatia. 2 See Rašić Bakarić,I.: Sektorske_analize_turizam , November 2018, no. 65, year 7, Ekonomski institut Zagreb, pp.5,8 published at turizam_studeni_2018.pdf (web page visited: 5/7/2019). 3 See Tourism statistics, Eurostat, Data fromDecember 2018. php?title=Tourism_statistics#Bed_places_in_the_EU-28:_France_and_Italy_predominate (web page visited: 5/7/2019).