Collective Commentary about the New Package Travel Directive

The Package Travel and Linked Arrangements Directive in Cyprus Christiana Markou 1 1. Introduction; 2. The way towards Law 186(I)/2017; 3. Features and assessment of the implementation of the Directive in Cyprus; 3.1. Differences in the wording between the Directive and the Law; 3.2. Provisions performing obligations imposed by the Directive; 3.3. The choices of the Cypriot legislator; 4. Conclusion. 1. INTRODUCTION Up until July 2018 (when the law transposing Directive 2015/2302 into Cyprus law came into force), package travel, package holidays and package tours in Cyprus were governed by the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Law, Law 51(I)/1998. That was the law implementing the Council Directive 90/314/EEC on package travel, package holidays and package tours, which has now been repealed by Directive 2015/2302 on package travel and linked travel arrangements. Law 51(I)/1998 is thus no longer in force, as it has been replaced by the Package Travel and Package Tours Law, Law 186(I)/2017, which is the Cypriot transposition measure of Directive 2015/2302 (hereinafter “the Directive”). According to Article 28 of the Directive, the transposition deadline was to expire on the 1 January 2018. Cyprus met the particular deadline, as Law 186(I)/2017 (hereinafter “the Law”) has been voted by the Cypriot House of Representatives (i.e., the Cypriot legislative body) on the 8December 2017. It applies in Cyprus since 1 July 2018. 1 Assistant Professor, European University Cyprus, School of Law and Lawyer, Markou & Co LLC.