Sustainable Tourism Law

Tourism and heritage: the role of the Widespread Hotel Francesco Torchia Università della Calabria SUMMARY I. The importance of the historical, artistic and cultural heritage for the promotion and valorisation of the tourism sector; II. The Widespread Hotel as a form of reclamation of a territory for the sustainability of the local economy; III. Solidarity as a prerequisite for overcoming the dichotomy between free market and social policies; IV. Adjusting the market economy: the difficult but essential balance between ethics, law and business; V. The role of the company in determining the efficiency of the contemporary economic system ABSTRACT Tourism, due to the variety of areas that it involves and the interests and values it contains, in addition to being one of the most important sectors of the entire world economy, is, above all, an invaluable asset of every territorial culture. As proof of this, think of the plurality of values that modern society expresses, in line with the various forms of ideological, social and technological progress. Values, which are present in tourism, and understood as a (mainly) social phenomenon, with which we try to satisfy different interests (knowledge, interaction, discovery, cultural enrichment and inner growth) and related to the motivations that lead men to look for elements of innovation in a world that is increasingly open and closer to the exchange of cultures among people. For this reason, the tourist should be put in a position where he experiences a strong interaction with the surrounding area and with the people who live in