Sustainable Tourism Law

Legal Provisions pertaining to Sustainable Tourism for the Accommodation Sector, and their applicability thereto Jacqueline Tanti-Dougall 1 International Legal Consultant Contents I. Introduction II. Policies and Governance – a way to achieve Sustainable Accommodation III. GSTC Industry Criteria – Hotel Indicators IV. Eco Certification V. A Perspective into Maltese Law with regard to Effective Sustainability Planning VI. Persons with Special Needs VII. Maximizing Social and Economic Benefits for the Local Community VIII. Providing Equal Opportunities to Disabled Persons in the Hotel Industry IX. Training of Employees X. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights XI. Reducing Negative Impacts to the Environment XII. Purchasing of Products XIII. Control of Chemicals XIV. Energy Saving Initiatives XV. Water XVI. Air Quality XVII. Noise XVIII. Buildings and Green Areas XIX. Enhancing Cultural Heritage and Natural Surroundings XX. Communication with Customers XXI. Achieving Sustainability in the Hotel Industry 1 Senior Partner at Advocates Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Malta Visiting Lecturer on Tourism Law and Food Safety Legislation at the University of Malta. ; e-mail adress: .