Sustainable Tourism Law

T his book which represents a very important role for all the ones involved in tourism is part of the work developed at the First International Conference about “Sustainable Tourism Law and The European Directive 2015/2302 on Travel Package and Travel Arrangements” that took place at ESHTE, the Portuguese Bar Association, and INATEL foundation. I am proud to say that 2016’s Conference was such a success that the International Conference of 2017 was chosen to be part of the official calendar ofThe International Year of Sustainable Tourism of the World Tourism Organization. A special thanks to Raúl Ribeiro Ferreira, President of the Association of Hotel Directors of Portugal and José Luis Elias, Editor in Chief of Turisver. I also want to thank Carlos Torres and all of our colleagues from the Organizing Committee; this book was only possible because of their precious work. I could not forget all our sponsors such as Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel, Discovery Hotel Management, Hotel Dom Pedro Lisboa, Cascais Miragem Hotel, Muchaxo Hotel, Hotel Baía, Tivoli Seteais, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Lisbon – Fontana Park, Pousadas de Portugal, EmViagem and The City of Cascais. A special thanks to ESHTE’s students, I always say that they are living proof that being a student at ESHTE is a lot more than just coming to classes and studying for the exams. The conference and the book brought together many different participants from many countries; we had experts from many polytechnics and universities from Angola, Argentina. Austria, Brazil, Cape Verde, Ecuador, France, Italy, Germany, Malta, Mexico, Servia, Spain, United Kingdom, Uruguay and Portugal. I thank you all for your will to share your knowledge. In this conference, we addressed topics such as Sustainability, Planning, Transports, Tourists Protection, Stakeholders Obligations, Travel Agencies and, of course, Legislation among others. We have also discussed very important documents such as The Manila Declaration on World Tourism (from 1980), the Agenda 21 for the Travel and Tourism Industry (from 1993) the Charter for Sustainable Tourism (from 1995), the World Code of Ethics for Tourism (from