Sustainable Tourism Law

A s President of the AlentejoTourism Board – Entidade Regional de Turismo do Alentejo – it was with great pleasure that we held, in Évora, one of the sessions of the International Conference Sustainable Tourism Law and New Package Travel Directive, on October 10 th , 2017. I would like to thank the ESHTE and INATEL for selecting the Alentejo and giving us the opportunity to be involved in this successful Conference, where some key subjects related to the sustainability of tourism destinations were addressed. In line with one of the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism + 20, that confirms the significant contribution that tourism can give to ecological preservation, by reducing its footprint and inducing green innovative economical practices, as well as the contribution to the safeguarding and enhancement of the diversity of cultural creativity, I would like to mention the Alentejo Biosphere Responsible Tourism Certification. This project started in 2015, with the certification of qualified accommodations willing to focus their actions not only on economic viability, but on social and cultural contributions as well, with a positive impact on the local community and the Alentejo region. The Alentejo now has 13 accommodations certified by the Biosphere Responsible Tourism, and will continue this process of certification. These were the first 13 accommodations to be certified in the country. We strongly believe that sustainable certification has a decisive role in positioning and differentiating tourism destinations and we consider that this book gathers important information on sustainable tourism law, for a successful and sustainable future. António Ceia da Silva President of the Alentejo Tourism Board