Tourism Law in Europe

1 Tourism Law in Croatia Tatjana Josipović 1 1. The Importance of Tourism for Croatian Economy; 2. Legal Sources of Tourism Law; 3. Regulation of the Provision of Tourism Services; 4. Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications in the Field of Tourism; 5. Conclusion. 1. The Importance of Tourism for Croatian Economy In the Republic of Croatia, tourism is the most important branch of economy and the most important factor of its economic development. In Croatia’s total GDP, this sector's share increases every year. Foreign currency income from tourist activities is also on a continuous rise. The ratio of travel receipts to GDP was (before the Covid-19 pandemic), among the EU Member States, the highest in Croatia. In 2019, the share of tourism in overall economy was 19.5 %. 1 Prof . Tatjana Josipović, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb.