Tourism Law in Europe

greatest potential for sustainable development. In cooperation with professional and regional tourism industry associations and other involved parties, the Ministry of Economics has developed a Latvian tourism policy planning document, the Latvian Tourism Development Guidelines for 2014-2020 . These guidelines were intended to increase the number of multiday travellers, reduce the seasonal effect by aligning the occupancy of tourist accommodation throughout the year, avoiding high peaks during the summer months, and ensure growth in the profitability of tourism products, besides guaranteeing an annual increase in tourism exports (Cabinet of Ministers, 2018). The Latvian Tourism Development Plan for 2021-2027 is proposed to have many activities for the development of the tourism industry in the future, including the mandatory promotion of the growth of tourist revenues and the increase of the number of local tourist trips and expenses in Latvia. The plan also provides for a more thorough assessment of the return on investment, as well as the reduction of the shadow economy in the tourism and, in particular, hospitality sectors. According to the Latvian Tourism Development Action Plan for 2021-2027 , for the referred period, the following tourism policy development priorities are proposed (Van der Steina et al., 2019): 1. Strengthening the international competitiveness of the tourism industry and export promotion – to strengthen Latvia’s international competitiveness and reduce industries adversely affecting impact development, in the next planning period It is planned to carry out various development-promoting activities in 11 directions of action (see Priority 1/Action Line). 2. Creating an attractive tourism offer of local value and in the context of lifestyle, promotion of local tourism – to promote local tourism and create an attractive tourism offer, in particular, highlighting local values and lifestyles, while, at the same time, addressing the challenges they face in local and regional tourism destinations. During the next planning period, various development-promoting activities should be implemented. Seven courses of actions are defined (see Priority 2/Action Line). 3. Tourism management system improvement, education and research – this priority includes activities in three directions: (1) effective tourism management system development and implementation in Latvia; (2) strengthening tourism education capacity