Tourism Law in Europe

1 Public and Private Tourism Law in Greece Evanthia Kardoulia 1 I. Introduction: The Legal Framework of Tourism in Greece; II. The Non-Existence of a Greek Tourism Code; III. Public Tourism Law; IV. Tourism Institutional Organisation; IV.1. Public Authorities Responsible for Tourism; IV.1.1. Ministry of Tourism; IV.1.2. Greek National Tourism Organisation; IV.1.3. Hellenic Chamber of Hotels; IV.1.4. Hellenic Public Properties Company S.A.; IV.2. Tourism and Local Communities; IV.2.1. Municipalities; IV.2.2. Regional Units; V. Accommodation; V.1. Tourist Accommodation Establishments; V.2. Primary Hotel Establishments; V.2.1. Hotels; V.2.2. Organised Tourist Camps With or Without Cabins; V.2.3. Youth Hostels; V.2.4. Tourist Resorts; V.2.5. Condo Hotels; V.3. Non-Primary Hotel Establishments; V.3.1. Self-Catering Accommodation: Furnished Villas-To-Rent; V.3.2. Self-Catering Accommodation: Furnished Residences-To-Rent; V.3.3. Furnished Rooms-to-rent and Residential Apartments; V.4. Tourist Accommodation Establishments Inside Traditional Buildings; VI. Private Tourism Law – Tourist Contracts; VI.1. Hotel Contract; VI.2. Hospitality Contract; VI.3. Time-Sharing Contract; VI.4. Package Travel Contract; VII. Conclusions. I. Introduction: The Legal Framework of Tourism in Greece In Greek, the term “tourism” entered our national legislation for the first time with Law No. 4377/1929 “On ratification of the 23 March 1929 Law Decree on a Greek organisation of Tourism” (Government Gazette 2 A´ 285), which saw the establishment of the Greek National Tourism Organisation (henceforth “Greek National Tourism Organisation” or “GNTO”). Law No. 2160/1993 constitutes the first major modern legal act to establish a comprehensive set of regulations on tourism at the national level. A sizeable proportion 1 Dr. Evanthia Kardoulia, Ph.D. in Tourism Law (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), LL.M. in Tourism Law (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), Αssociate Teaching Staff at Neapolis University Pafos, Attorney at Law (Athens Bar Association). 2 Henceforth “GG”.