Collective Commentary about the New Package Travel Directive

Transposition of the Package Travel Directive in the Czech Republic Klára Dvořáková 1 I. Introduction; II.Transpositionmeasures; III.Timeline; IV. Support for introduction into practice; V. Public-law conditions for the sale of packages and facilitating of LTA in the Czech Republic; VI. Transposition of insolvency protection: 1. Insurance; 2. Bank guarantee; 3. Guarantee Fund; VII. Practical impact of the PTD2 transposition on travel business; VIII. Conclusions. I. INTRODUCTION This article aims to provide a brief analysis of the circumstances and manner of transposing the PTD2 into the laws of the Czech Republic for the purposes of making an international comparison. Emphasis is placed especially on its impact on the conditions of operating a travel business in the Czech Republic and the related issues of insolvency protection. The article discusses not only the formal transposition steps, but also further activities initiated by governmental authorities and professional organisations with a view to introducing PTD2 into practice. Furthermore, it points out the actual impacts of the transposition of PTD2 on the travel business in the Czech Republic. II. TRANSPOSITION MEASURES Business in the field of tourism is regulated in the Czech Republic by special Act No. 159/1999 Coll., on certain conditions for operating a business and on performance of certain activities in the field of tourism (hereinafter “Act No. 1 Attorney specialised in travel law, Holubova advokati, Prague,